App Store Optimization is a skill that is in high demand these days and has taken over the World. Just recently, lots of ASO service provider sites are coming up offering ASO for Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore promising to boost your app's download numbers and revenue.

Just so you know, most of these sites may not offer quality services, but there are still others who belong to teams with great expertise and experience in this niche. It is important to identify these LEGIT sites as they usually cater to the user’s specific needs when it comes to ASO.

The Games Gadgets Gizmos is an authority when it comes to mobile app optimization. This site belongs to the ASO and mobile marketing expert, Marlon F., and it deals with app store optimization services as well as social media marketing.

He also provides training on ASO and sells ASO ebooks on Amazon at really affordable prices.
You can also learn a lot from his site’s blog where useful ASO information is added frequently.

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